While we all have seen our favorite Bollywood celebrities indulging in a fight on the silver screen, but there are only a few who have witnessed them indulging in one in real. And how interesting would it get if the fight is with no other person but their own loving fan?

Here’s a list of 8 Bollywood celebrities who didn’t mind slapping their fans in public for some reason. Scroll down and know what the reason was:

Salman Khan

Salman Khan is one of the most genuine actors in the Bollywood industry, but if someone tries to mess around with hiBollywoodt can’t take it. Even if that person is his fan. A couple of years back, a fan was repeatedly trying to take pictures of Salman, which made him go furious and he snatched his mobile phone and threw it. And that’s not all, he has even slapped a fan earlier.

Priyanka Chopra

During the shooting of a film in Colaba, a man tried to misbehave with Priyanka outside her vanity van. Infuriated Priyanka couldn’t take it and slapped him in the face. When an eyewitness was asked to narrate the whole event, it was revealed,  “Priyanka finished her shoot and went back to her vanity van to change. After some time, she stepped out to join Siddharth Anand and Tarun Mansukhani sitting in a different enclosure. Suddenly, a man came running towards her and demanded, ‘You must talk to me!’ Priyanka ignored the guy. At this point, the man grabbed her arm roughly and pulled her close to him. Angry Priyanka slapped the guy hard, sending him reeling”.

John Abraham

During the inauguration of Euro Gold Jewellery showroom and Asmi Diamond showroom at Kankanady, a crazy Mangalore girl was so obsessed with John that she crossed all her limits and tried to grab his arm and bite him. This didn’t go well with John and he reacted to it by slapping her.


While the majority of people believed that Govinda was a very jolly good fellow, but their beliefs were proven wrong after Govinda attempted to slap a person on the sets of his film “Money Hai Toh Honey Hai”. As per reports, it was revealed that a man tried to misbehave with the female dancers on the sets and Govinda caught him doing so, after which he slapped him.


Mika Singh

During a live concert organized by Delhi Ophthalmological Society, in the national capital, New Delhi, Mika demanded the Male doctors and Female doctors to form separate queues and then step on the stage. But there was a male doctor named Shrikant who didn’t follow what he said and went ahead to barge into the Female doctors’ queue. Mika didn’t like it and slapped him hard when he stepped onto the stage.

 Kajol Devgan

In an interview, when Kajol was asked to tell about the meanest thing that she has done, she went ahead to say, “I’ve punched a fan in the face because he was obnoxious.”

Akshay Kumar

During the shooting of his film, “Gabbar Is Back”, Akshay completely lost his temper and slapped a fan for not listening to the guards. The fan was constantly being warned to not take pictures but he continued doing what he was told not to do and this got Akshay angry and he had to slap him.

Genelia Dsouza

At a showroom launch inauguration in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, a fan tried to misbehave with her. Initially, Genelia ignored it but when it continued, she couldn’t help herself from slapping him and teaching him the best lesson of his life.


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