Tattoos are the new pattern among the young. From putting forth a style expression, to having a huge message, individuals have their own purposes for getting inked. Numerous a circumstances, it is additionally a nostalgic assumption. Huge numbers of our Bollywood celebs too have their own particular tattoos and their own explanations for getting inked.

Saif Ali Khan


Starting with Bollywood’s steaming hot couple, Saif and Kareena, were the primary ones to start up this ‘Tattoo of your beau’ trend in Bollywood. Saif got “Kareena” inked on his lower arm in the Devanagari script, when he got into an affair with the performing artist

Deepika Padukone


The Bollywood diva has got a few tattoos on her arms for the film “Xander Cage”, But stress not, these aren’t lasting. Despite the fact that this tattoo is only a temporary one, Deepika has a permanent one too. Deepika’s Tattoo for Ranbir got eyeballs .Deepika Padukone, who was once enamored with Ranbir Kapoor had got a tattoo on the back of her neck to announce her affection for Ranbir to the world yet the couple in the end split. However the tattoo still remains.

Hrithik Roshan


This tattoo came in the media when Hrithik was shooting for Kites with Barbara Mori. Talk plants were working extra minutes with stories about Hrithik and Barbara’s affair. Be that as it may, all the prattle faded away when Hrithik and Sussanne represented their inked lower arm out in the open to demonstrate their love bond. unfortunately, not very long after their divorce, Sussanne has got this image of their ‘more joyful circumstances’ adjusted . She has modified the star, as well as got a different line inked with it, “Follow Your Sunshine”. All things considered, how far this change will influence the famous Bollywood couple.

Akshay Kumar


Bollywood’s Khiladi Akshay Kumar has got himself tattood. The action hero tattood “tina” on his shoulder which got many eye balls attracted. You may know that Akshay affectionately calls spouse Twinkle by her pet-name ‘Tina’. The performing artist had already got his boy and girl’s names inked on his shoulder and back. He keeps these engravings of affection, covered up under his shirts.

Ajay Devgn


Singham star Ajay Devgn is evidently an enthusiast of Lord Shiva. No big surprise then, he got Lord Shiva’s face inked on his broad chest. His tattoo is obvious on screen at whatever point he postures shirtless for his shots. In a meeting, he had stated, “I have Nysa’s name on my chest, earlier Yug was small to understand I had his sister’s name inked over my chest. Now my son is growing. He continues letting me know, ‘Daddy, shirt kholo aur didi ka naam dikhao.’ Before he asks me, ‘Father, why haven’t you put my name on your chest, I will add the letter sets UG to my current tattoo, and this ought to finish Yug’s name.”


Imran Khan


spite of the fact that Imran Khan has been inked twice some time recently, on his neck and arm, he got a third tattoo, on his chest. The designing  this time, is novel and really very cute one as it reflects impressions of his little girl, Imara. The performing artist got inked on his family trip in Goa.

Priyanka Chopra


It is a verifiable truth that Priyanka Chopra was near extremely close to her dad. After the achievement of her film Agneepath, the on-screen character had got herself a tattoo. The ink on her wrist peruses, “Daddy’s lil young lady”. The tattoo holds an uncommon place in her life as it connotes her affection for her late father.

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