1- This guy really had not idea what he will stumble upon while texting his girl friend. But it is better that he has found this sooner than later. Also it is the fault of her girl friend. She should have kept the phone with her.

2- It is never a good idea to flirt with your girl friend’s friend. And if you ever try to do this even after reading this, God save you!

3- Always double-check to whom you are texting the message before you finally press the send button. This woman did second most biggest mistake of her life first by getting pregnant with her brother-in-law and second texting her husband about the same!


4- Using family excuse for not going on date with your girlfriend isn’t good enough. And this guy doesn’t have brain to make out whom he is sending the message, that too with the same message chain.

5- If your best friend and girlfriend have basically the same name, then only God can save you!. You need to be doubly careful about having an affair, let alone making a textual confession.


6- Some guys are attached more to their video games than their girlfriends. Apparently that is the case here, as this girlfriend knows the threat of destroying this cheater’s Xbox is legitimately scary to him.

7- Again, how can you admit that you have messaged a wrong person right back in the message to the same person! All this guy had to say was that he was joking around; instead, he’s going to have to face the wrath of his wife. Then again, it did take her a while to catch on, so he’s not the only dumb one here.


8- Sometimes, it’s better not to correct a person’s grammar. But still Sean’ s single word response is just brutal.

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