There was a time when tattoos were looked upon with raised eyebrows because it was then stereotyped as an identity of criminals and outlaws. But thankfully, gone are those days and as we all know, tattoos today are not just a style statement but a way to express one’s emotions, thoughts and ideology.

Surprisingly, couples are also upping their PDA game with this contemporary trend of tattoos. Just like traditional similar ring bands represent the mutual love between two souls, couples are now getting identical or related symbols inked.

And here we bring to you 8 uber cool ideas which you and your love mate can definitely take cue from when you decide to get hitched with the ink!

The Semicolon- For those who do not know, a semicolon signifies ‘continuation’, ‘still going’ and ‘not ending yet’.


And love keeps you both together! 😉



Love makes you roll like King and Queen together!


Prince and Princess for life and beyond!


Because guiding and holding each other goes without saying!


If you are each other’s heartbeat!


Be his/her other half in literal senses! 😉


Because nothing binds a relationship stronger than mutual love for food! 


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