So yeah, being in a relationship is the new cool. Not basically new, there is a boom. Everybody I know is dating! Even the 13-14 years old kids! **Rolling Eyes** And the worst part? The committed people simply never stop forcing their single friends to find ‘THE ONE’. As if you’re happy single status and their relationship blues makes them feel jealous. So much jealous, that they can’t simply see you being so carefree, stressless and SINGLE. Jokes apart, single people are tired of hearing these 8 irritating things.

15-720x343– People: You look so beautiful/handsome, you can easily find anyone

Me:  Ya, right. This is the only reason my good looks are for.

– People:How do you feel being single?

Me: Way better than you! -__-

– People: Should I find someone for you?


– People: Are you in one-sided love by any chance?

Me: Not love, but yeah! One-sided hate! I hate YOU! :3

– People: Don’t you get alone?

Me: Nope. I relish unconditional love from my dog and friends.

– People: You are so choosy:

Me: Ofcourse. Afterall, it is about love.

– People: Don’t worry, you will get someone.

Me: But wait, I am not even looking. -_-

– People: Then what do you do on Valentine’s day?

Me: I save money! 😉

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