Indian women are expected to behave ‘sanskari’ enough and adhere to the societal norms at any cost. The phrase “Log kyakahenge?” is something we have taken way too seriously. The typical ‘sanskaaribahu-betiyan’ is very well advertised by Bollywood. But some of these sanskaaribahubetiyaan doesn’t mind challenging the society and to be a badass( from society perspective, of course)



We present you the list of those actresses who ‘dared’ to challenge the society and broke the stereotype!


  1. Sushmita Sen

This drop-dead beauty set the bars of breaking societal norms pretty high. Getting married? No. Having a baby at 24? No. Starting a family? Well, yes! How? This gorgeous looking Miss Universe adopted her first child at the age of 25 and became an epitome of strength for all the single mothers. She didn’t stop right there, she adopted her second child after 10 years and became a mother of two beautiful daughters!


  1. Neena Gupta

This female celebrity surely broke all the societal norms by being in a relationship with a westerner, West Indies cricketer Sir Vivian Richards way back in the ’80s. Even though she never married him, she had a child with him namely, Masaba Gupta and gave her, her own last name. She proved a woman doesn’t need a man to raise her children!



  1. Suhasini Mulay

Its like she made it clear to the society by saying “I will get married when I WANT TO”. Hell yes, this veteran actress got married at the age of 60 and what’s even more surprising that she found her life partner on Facebook! How adorable! Her story makes it clear, there is no right age to marry, its all about the right time.



  1. Konkana Sen Sharma

She kicked society’s butt when she flaunted her baby bump and announced her pregnancy with her co-star Ranvir Shorey before they tied a knot. Even though they have been divorced, Konkana doesn’t give much attention to the societal pressure.


  1. Sarika Thakur

Kamal Haasan was still married to his former wife, when he and Sarika got into an affair, after ending his first marriage, they both decided to be in a live-in relationship. After conceiving their first child, Shruti Haasan, Sarika deliberately waited until she conceived a second child and then got married because she didn’t want society to claim the first child was the sole reason for the marriage. By this, she shunned all the “Haww” sand “Haaye”s just like a boss!



  1. Nandita Das

The little-known actress made a remarkable performance in the movie, “Fire” which was subjected to a lot of controversies as it was probably the first Indian movie to show homosexual relationship breaking the typical fairytale Bollywood romance. Apart from that, Das is also an active social participant and runs a campaign namely, ‘ Dark is Beautiful’, to draw attention to the effects of colour discrimination in India.


  1. Shabana Azmi

Azmi is probably one of the well-known actresses of Indian cinema, but she broke all the stereotype of Indian cinema when she, along with Nandita Das portrayed a homosexual relationship on screen and activating the lesbian population of the country. She dared to break the taboo by signing a film which was ‘alien’ to Indian cinema, even the right-wing activists were not able to break her will.


  1. Silk Smitha

This bold actress must be given due credits for introducing the concept of female sexual identity in an age where the sexuality of woman was a taboo and its acceptance was a big No. Her bold roles ended her in lots of controversies but she left an undying remark on Indian cinema. Though she later ended up killing herself, VidyaBalan starrer The Dirty Picture made her relive again in our memories.


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