Having a strong personality is one of the best things that one could have. A person with such a personality can tackle any situation and does not shy away from any problem. However, being intimidating can also have many other angles to it that some would no prefer. You might go to work or to a party but would notice that people do not approach you as frequently.

Having an intimidating persona makes you less approachable but it can have many perks too.

  • People do not waste your time with small talks

When people find you hard to talk to, they only tell you what is important. This allows you to have whatever important is going on and you don’t even have to spend extra time on talking to people about their pet’s allergies. This is especially beneficial while shopping when those annoying salespeople come to sell you something you don’t need.


  • People take you seriously

They know that messing with you is a toughie which they do not want to experiment with. So whatever you say is taken seriously be it your opinion or an idea. Even your boss will consider what you have to say.

  • No one messes with you

People only mess with those whom they are comfortable with and since they find it hard to even talk to you, they have no intentions to play with you. They do not want to risk upsetting you or annoying you which is a great thing for you because this way you do not have messers in your life.


  • You can choose to be with people

Since people find it difficult to approach you and be your friends, you can make your friends based on your own preference. You can approach anyone you want without having to worry about interacting with people you don’t like. This way you have those people in your life whom you like.


  • You do things your way

One of the best advantages of being an intimidating soul is that you do things your way. Many people as such do not approach you and the other times you just don’t care about what others think. You are not a people pleaser which saves you the time of buttering someone.


  • You can have your personal space

Staying in during the weekends is not at all a problem because you can turn down a plan, if made. You as such have a small circle of people you interact with and chances are that even they don’t want to mess around with you. So you can have all the personal space you want.


  • People find it difficult making eye contact

You can be the calmest of persons but your presence subdues people and they are hardly going to make eye contact with you. It’s a fact. But instead of feeling bad about it, own it. How many people actually have such a power, right?


  • No one interrupts while you are talking

When you have the mic, no one dares to talk let alone interrupting you. This is especially amazing in the case of mansplaining. Since even men find you pretty intimidating, they will wait for you to finish.

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