It is good to ask questions and get your doubts resolved but some questions are sure to raise eyebrows especially if they are about past relationships or s*x. In a new relationship, men are often scared of saying something inappropriate and crossing that line due to lack of familiarity with the other person.

They are probably trying to be a gentleman and not offend a woman.  However, some questions need to be answered no matter what! We bring to you 8 such questions that me are secretly dying to ask but are afraid to. Read on

1) How Often Do You Pleasure Yourself

2) How Many Men Did You Get Int*mate With?

3) Which Spots On Your Body Turn You On?

4) Can I Wake You Up In The Middle Of The Night To Make Love To You?

5) When You See Some Guy With A Wedding Ring Do You Avoid Flirting With Him?

6) Should I Go After The Girl Who Stood Me Up Twice?

7) Should A Man Tell A Girl If He Is A Virgin Or Not

8) Women Get Attracted To Abs Or Arms More?

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