Dating can be really hard because it is all about the probability of finding the right person who is meant for you. But it’s not always possible to find your Mr. Right in the first go. You date various guys and with each relationship passing by, you learn different things about yourself and about guys in general. Finding the right guy might not be easy but knowing who is wrong for you is not that difficult.

If you see the following points as a part of your relationship, then it’s time to pull the plug.

You don’t have anything common

There are times when opposites attract but if you see these differences as the reasons for your fights or arguments, you both are the non-attractive opposites. Having different opinions and interests is not unusual in any relationship but if it calls for a heated discussion, you both might not be very compatible.

You never feel good enough for him

If you feel like you are up to the standards that he has set for you, you might be with the wrong guy. If he really likes you, he will not want to change a thing about you and accept you for who you are. While suggesting something to you is not wrong because he might want to see you that way but if he criticises you all the time and forces you to be a certain way, it’s time to say goodbye.

You over-think what you have to say

If you have to go through something ten times before you say it to him, he might not be the guy you should be with. A relationship is about being comfortable and open without having to feel restricted to say or do anything but if you are feeling something otherwise, he is not your perfect match. Swipe left.

You don’t trust him

Being with someone should not involve stalking him 24×7 and doubting whatever he says. The perfect guy will work towards building that trust with you which will make you feel secure. So if you feel like there is no trust in your relationship, you might just be with Mr. Wrong.

You don’t feel exclusive with him

In a normal relationship, you meet each other’s friends and families and are open about your relationship even on the social media. So if you feel like he is hiding you from others and makes excuses to go public, it’s time to call it off.

Being with them is exhausting

Spending time with boyfriends is the most exciting thing. Even a bad day magically turns amazing by just having a conversation with them. But if you feel like spending a day with them is equivalent to torturing yourself, then you should start looking for someone else because this is not a good sign.

You don’t see them in your future

If you fail to see someone in your long-term goal, you might not be with them in your present as well. There is no point of being with someone who is just with you for a while and then goes away.

  • There are no-equal contributions in your relationship

No relationship can have a totally equal contribution all the time by the two people but if you feel like the other is hardly doing anything, you might be stuck with a taker. It is better to cut ties with such a person because he is not going to make any attempts towards you or the relationship.

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