It feels nice to do things for your significant other and see a smile on his face. It’s a one of a kind feeling which doesn’t need any description. But this only feels this way for a while if your partner does not appreciate you enough for all that you do for him. So if you have any doubts about him being less appreciative of you, here are some signs which will clear those doubts.

  • ‘Thank you’ are never his words

He will never or seldom thank you for what you do for him. He obviously doesn’t need to thank you for each and every thing that you do but an occasional one should be said for those really special and one-a-kind gestures. This is a basic courtesy to do once someone does something nice for you and if he doesn’t do it, he doesn’t appreciate you enough.


  • He expects favours from you

He doesn’t mind you doing things for him. In fact, he expects it from you all the time. Even those small little things like giving him a head message when he had a rough day is something that he expects from you all the time now.


  • He doesn’t compliment you

You were all he could think about but now you’re just there to do things for him. You might take extra efforts to look good but he would barely notice and even if does, he wouldn’t make any effort to compliment you.


  • Your opinion doesn’t matter

He chooses to make decisions on his without even consulting you. Even big decisions like buying a car would not be something that he would want your opinion on.


  • He doesn’t make sacrifices for you

Making sacrifices in a relationship is important so if your partner is not giving up on things for you even if you are doing so much for him, you’re being taken for granted. This doesn’t mean sacrificing everything but doing things just for you sometimes is important in the relationship.


  • He’s a brat when things don’t go his way

This is a most obvious way to see that your boyfriend is taking you for granted. He wants everything going his direction all the time. So when you ask for something for the first time, he’s going to crib and make faces which will also make you enjoy less.


  • He doesn’t return the gestures

It’s only obvious to do something in return for what is done for you. But if this is not in your boyfriend’s rulebook, he is definitely taking advantage of you. It is nice to return gestures but if it’s not done, the person doesn’t appreciate you enough.


  • He doesn’t have time for you

Making time for you is not on his priority list. You are the last person he chooses to spend his time with even after you do so much. He would instead spend his time with his friends, family and colleagues and give them priority over you.

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