Relationships should be about open and upfront communication. This is the base of any good relationship but sometimes it’s more than that. It is not compulsory that the other person will be as vocal as you in the relationship so non-verbal communication is equally important to code and decode.

Body languages, facial expressions and signs that the other person leaves are also some ways which can help you pick up on the status of your relationship. Here are signs to show that he is losing interest in you and does not want to be with you.

  • He does not talk to you as much

This is an evident sign that he has lost interest in you and does not want to spend time talking to you. He barely messages or calls you and whenever you do, he will either not answer or will find an excuse to not talk.


  • He does not plan anything with you

You were the one he would call all the time and meet every weekend but now he does not have any plans with you. He tries to blow you off and will always seem to have an excuse for it. You are no longer his priority.


  • He cancels plans at the last minute

Every time you guys plan to meet up, he will cancel on you the last minute saying it’s a work thing and that he cannot leave it unattended. If he is doing this for a while now, understand that he is no longer into you and does not have the nerves to say it to you.


  • You are no longer intimate

If you feel like there is less intimacy between you two, talk to him and if it is something which he didn’t notice and promises to change, good for you. But if he still continues to be this way, it’s a clear sign that he is over you.


  • He’s flirting with other girls

If he is flirting with others but doesn’t even care to talk to you, you really need to dump him because it’s clear that he has practically moved on. What bigger sign do you need?

  • Lack of effort

If he has stopped putting in any effort into your relationship it’s clear that he doesn’t care. He might stop caring about you, wouldn’t make up for his mistakes or lack of efforts. Guys do whatever they can if they are committed to something so if you feel like he’s not giving his 100 percent, it’s better to separate ways.


  • He talks about being friends

If he has tried talking about being friends with you then it is his polite way of saying that he doesn’t want to hurt you but he doesn’t feel anything for you anymore. So it is a better thing to leave him before it gets more painful for you.


  • He fights more

Again, he is doing this because he’s no longer attracted to you and wants to distant himself from you. This is his way of hinting that he is not into you anymore.

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