8 Signs you’re too choosy with guys

Sometimes being single can seem like forever and you start missing being in a relationship. But as soon as you start dating, you find how hard it is to find your perfect guy and how it might just be impossible to find him. You might start losing hope in dating and guys in general because it starts getting exhausting doing the same routine. Guy after guy, you just keep giving up on yourself and start preparing to die alone.

But is this because there is no one out there for you or are you just too picky while dating. Here are some signs that will show that you can sometimes get too choosy while finding a guy for yourself.

You look for guys who have it all or you just don’t care. Settling is not something you are willing to do. You have a check list for this and if the guy does not meet up all your requirements, you will move on to the next one.


Everyone has a type and you are no exception to it but your ‘type’ is the ideal definition of a guy who just doesn’t seem to exist. Sorry but it’s the truth. No one is perfect but you will not take this for an answer and you keep your search moving.


If you are too picky, chances are that you will not even remember the last time you made it to date number two. The first date is all you see with every guy and getting past it is almost impossible.


Whether it’s the way he eats or the way he laughs, you focus on the smallest of details and consider every flaw that the person has as a point to reject. You want your guy to be as perfect as you are or someone who is just flawless.


Well this was inevitable because they are no dating apps with thousands of possibilities for you. You have been out with all the guys they set you up with and now they have just run out of options to set you up with someone nice.


You try to aim at having the kind of romance one reads in a novel or watches in an Oscar winning movie. You want nothing less than that and you will not negotiate this under any circumstance.


You feel like there is nothing wrong with you and if you do something wrong it should be forgiven but the second the guy makes the same mistake, you’re the devil’s advocate.


Whether it’s your friends or your family, everyone around you tell you that you are way too choosy and that you need to take it down a notch. Well if the closest people tell you something, then it’s possible that you take their advice and do something about it.