Maturity is one quality many women forget to add to their list while dating but soon after getting into a relationship, they realize its importance. Maturity does not necessarily come with age. There are many guys who, despite being young, are way ahead of others when it comes to maturity and then there are guys who might be much older than you but would still laugh at fart jokes. So if you want to avoid getting yourself into such relationships, look out for the following signs when you date.

  • Inability to express feelings

A guy who is unable to tell you how he feels about you has clearly not worked things out with himself. If he doesn’t know how he feels or how to explain his feelings, he is not ready for a relationship yet.


  • He gets cranky if things don’t go his way

Just like a toddler starts screaming and crying for not getting what he wants, this guy too starts getting all worked up. Things cannot go your way all the time in a relationship, it’s about compromise and if he cannot understand this then he is not ready to date and you’ll be done with him within a month.


  • It’s never his fault

He never admits his mistakes. He will always have someone else to point a finger at which is a sign of emotional weakness. Things might work out for a while but once time starts to pass by, this will only seem annoying.


  • Never wants to engage in adult conversations

You can never seem to have a calm and peaceful mature conversation because he will always seem to change the topic. If you still persist on having the conversation, he will either not seem interested or get upset. You will only find yourself to be with a five year old if you get in this situation.


  • Jealousy is everywhere

Either he tries to make you jealous or he gets jealous over the smallest things. This is a very immature approach towards a relationship and if he is into such behaviour, he’s a complete manchild.


  • He’s bad with finances

Such a guy has no control over his expenditures and will live in the moment. He will start with his shopping the moment he gets his paycheck and has no plans of saving for the long-run. If he cannot have a wise plan for his finances, he cannot handle something as huge as a relationship.


  • He is indecisive

A guy who cannot even plan things for himself should never think of going anywhere near a relationship. How is he to take steps in the relationship if he cannot even take decisions for himself. If you end up with such a guy, you will take up the role of his second mother and will have to take care of him too.


  • He jokes about everything

Nothing can be funny all the time. One needs to take some things seriously in life and if this guy cannot be serious, his jokes will only become annoying to you in no time. No one wants such a person who does not adapt to the situations.

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