Having a haircut is probably the most preferred choice when someone wants to get themselves a make-over! Even a minute change in hairstyle can work wonders (or disaster) to one’s appearance. Well, lucky are those who have great barbers who master their preferences while some just don’t meet their clients’ expectations. I am sure you would relate to it that a bad haircut has the capability to bring you low with the most sinking feelings.
But here we bring to you the ‘mother of all terrible haircuts’ which are disastrous and hilarious at the same time! While most of the times the barber does the deed but in the following cases, the whacky ideas of the customers are to be blamed! 😛 Here we go!
1. This guy is quite literally an ‘Artsitic Head’

2. And here’s a walking-talking Strawberry

3. His face and his life look so similar with each other, i.e. ZERO

4. Ouch! Ewwwww

5. Quite an ardent lover of Barcodes!

6. Girlfriend: I love my make-up brushes more than you!
Him: Say no more!

7. And the father of ombre effects!

Which one made you laugh the most? Tell us in the comments section.

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