We all know the feeling when you newly start dating someone. The excitement and the thrill is just something you cannot ignore. You feel the gush of energy just seeing the person and you cannot help but smile looking into their eyes.

No matter how a relationship turns out to be later, the start of it is just so beautiful and incredible that sometimes even when you are on a break from it, you get attracted to spirit right away.

There are some common points that we all have felt in the beginning of a relationship that can never get old. So let’s take a jog at our memories and revive its feeling.

The fresh flirting

Flirting is at its peak when you just start it with someone who matches your level of flirt game. Everything about it is fun, from complimenting one another to pulling each other’s legs. It’s all so exciting that you even lose track of time.

Meeting them in person

This is even more exciting than chatting with them. The butterflies that fly inside your stomach before you meet them are and when you do meet them, all you can do is look at their faces and keep smiling.

The dates

Dating is extra fun when you do it with someone new and with whom you feel the chemistry. During those first few dates you even take the efforts of looking amazing but you talk about it as if it were nothing great. You both find places where it will be less likely to find anyone you know to avoid interference. In fact, you even start planning the next date in your mind during your current date.

Telling your friends

You tell your friends everything with great excitement and you just can’t stop talking about them. Even your friends start to get annoyed with the subject but that doesn’t really matter to you because this is all you can think of. You tell them about your conversations, dates, about their jokes (which aren’t even that funny) and you keep going on and on and on.

You give second thoughts to everything

You would want to rethink everything and would also ask your friend’s opinion because send opinions will become a necessity. From what to wear on your date to replying to their messages, everything is a task you want to do with perfection.

You find everything that they do cute

You may find biting nails awful when your friend or your sibling does it but when he/she does it, you find it too cute to handle. You may criticise anyone else for the same thing and make faces but you just can’t help but stare at them when they do something like that.

You justify all of their weirdness

You will suddenly feel the responsibility to be their spokesperson. You will justify their ugly photos on social media, their taste in music, the way they dance and anything literally. Giving justifications for this to your friends will only have one motive in mind- you’ll want them to like him as much as you do and grant you their permission.

The first kiss

And let’s not forget the first kiss that we have that makes us feel the energy travelling throughout the body. The first kiss is one of those memories that we have for the rest of our lives.

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