8 Times Bollywood got Tired of ‘Bechaari Maa’ Concept and Portrayed Moms in a completely different way!

By Veenus Sharma

June 26, 2018

One of the things that Bollywood is famous for, is portraying our mothers as ‘Bechaari’, ‘Abla Naari’ and whatever sacrificial thing that you can come up with and that too without any complexities. She was simple, sweet and easy to fool with right? Well, the time has changed and so has Bollywood! We have seen a changed style of our mothers, our ‘mummies’ are savage, strong, witty and confident! And Bollywood has noted this thing well and portrayed this thing in its characters as well, here are 12 females that broke the stereotypes about Indian mothers on screen!


1. Dolly Ahluwalia as Dolly Arora: Vicky Donor

She was a single mother and it is never easy to be one, but she wasn’t the typical strict parent. Almost every kid could relate with this Punjabi mother, who doesn’t back off either when it’s about standing for her children or to mock them! And yes, of course, even its about having a peg with her super cool mother in law.


2. Swara Bhaskar as Chanda Sahay: Nill Batey Sannata

We agree most of the parents want their children to have a better life than they had. But what made Chanda Sahay different is the friendly yet firm relationship she had with her daughter, who could have thought of being your child’s literal classmate to make them study? And obviously, reaching the extremes for her studies. We salute you, lady!


3. Seema Pahwa as Sugandha’s Mother: Shubh Mangal Savdhaan

Who seemingly appeared as a yet another traditional mother at first, was not so. Her uniqueness and the way of expressing through subtle gestures and actions and supporting or taking a stand for her daughter is not something you get to see everyday in Bollywood mothers. Can you look at the story of Alibaba and Chalees Chor the same way again?


4. Supriya Pathak as Sarita Mehta : Wake Up Sid

A mother always tries to be your better friend, no matter how old you get. Sarita did the same. Obviously, she tried her every bit to save her son from any adversity even his father’s rage, but she knew when to step back. And her attempt to learn English so she could be friends with her young boy was too cute to admire! She showed that mother’s love is unconditional. Sridevi also mildly portrayed the same thing in English Vinglish.


5. Meher Vij as Najma Malik: Secret Superstar

No matter how she had been kept, or what she has been through. When a mother sees that her children are mistreated she is even ready to leave her husband! She will cross every mile to make her child’s dream come true. And Najma also did the same, she was fearless and bold, just for her children.



6. Kirron Kher as Manju Chakravarty: Khoobsurat

She represents every mother who is best friends with their children but also a great advisor! And probably better than all your girl besties! She is witty, funny, friendly yet a mother i.e. still caring and protective to her children. Probably the best cheerleader for her daughter!


7. Neetu Singh as Kusum Duggal : Do Dooni Chaar

Another Punjabi mother in the house! We all can relate to her, how every middle-class mother is, who supports her children’s wishes and dreams and also know how to deal with her husband and of course, she also had the subtle art of dealing with her relatives and neighbours as well!


8. Ratna Pathak as Sunita Kapoor : Kapoor and Sons

Sunita Kapoor was one of the best characters that depicted how a mother actually is. She is strong and have some flaws but never backs off in accepting her children no matter what they are doing or how they actually are. She loves her family and knows how to support her children in whatever they love to do.