8 wedding flower decorations with their meaning

By Gunit Mayo

December 19, 2017

Is your wedding around the corner? Are you pondering the decorations? Well, choosing the wedding flower decoration can be quite simple if you select one on the basis of their meanings. It sounds not so important, but you will have a story to tell. These flowers will bloom your tale of love, whether it is love, passion, friendship, innocence, and so on. Incorporating them into your big day is a fun way to remember those early feelings and share them with your guests at your wedding.

Fern: This pretty bunch of fern denotes guaranteed happiness and wealth. It gives a royal touch to the wedding. It is best used on vases. You can also club them with a bouquet of flowers. What’s better than a green wedding decor that creates a lovable and soothing ambience?

Solidago: Also called as goldenrod, Solidago is contemplated a sign of good luck and best wishes. Add some shine and let your wedding glow with the Goldenrod wedding decor.

Lily of the Valley: It is a symbol of humility and acceptance in some religions. It also signifies sweetness, clearness and purity and the return of happiness. A bridal bouquet of lily of the valley was held by Catherine Middleton and Princess Grace of Monaco at their weddings. The bouquet of Lily looks extremely gorgeous and this adds to your exhilaration on your wedding day.

Tulip: Tulips are a symbol of paradise on earth and they absolutely have a divine status. It also has a deep meaning that represents the briefness of life. It holds a deep meaning. So, let your wedding boost with the strong feeling of love. Tulip’s meaning revolves around love and there could be no better flower decor.

Carnation: It is usually viewed as a mark of love, and immense passion. A few meanings are dependent on color, like light red represents respect and warm approval, dark red denotes deep love and fondness and white carnations represents true love and good fortune.

Viola Violets were used to show love for women in 1950s. Violet has a deep ‘flirty’ scent which is perfect for a dream wedding. If you feel crazy in love and so attracted, using Viola in the decor is definitely a correct decision.

Chrysanthemum: In some countries, Chrysanthemum manifests honesty, while in the US, it usually denotes positivist and cheerfulness. They are beautiful and unique. It would make your wedding special and force the guests to compliment the stunning decor.

Daffodil: It is seen as a symbol of self-love, wealth and good fate. In Persia, daffodil usually act as a symbol of beautiful eyes in English literature. It is perfect for a wedding representing elegance.

Let your heart choose the flowers based on their meanings! Let us know your favorites.