I’m a Male/21.. I was in relationship (long distance nd would usually meet in college vacation) with a girl for past 2.5 year. I broke up to her once 1.5 back bcz I got my acadimics ruined but at that moment of time she got ill and was admitted in hospital for a month. Her elder brother nd she always use to text me and call me at that period of time to come back otherwise she won’t be able to recover bcz she loves me a lot n all.. I stood for her talking to her making her feel comfortable nd did everything for her despite not being in relationship and then I realised yes she really loves me and it’s not reason behind my academics and I felt in love with her more then ever and came back in relationship with her. Now 3 months back she started lying to me that she can’t talk and was going home bcz of her mother health issue and after few days she texted me long msg nd broke up with me I thought that time that due to family and mothers conditions she would have done that(and started smoking and drinking a lot) But now 2 days back I got to know that she was dating her senior of college and due to which she broke up with me. I still love her I love her a lot but I can’t believe that someone whom I trusted for years and for whom I stood always in her bad situation lied to me playing her mother as victim. She would have come to me and would have said straight to me that she is with someone else I would have let her go Happily. I’ve started smoking weed nd drinking bcz of her I don’t know how to control myself…. sometimes at night it feels like my head would burst thinking of all this betrayal.. I don’t know what to do..!