Female 32.
Hi I am 32 years. I am waiting divorce. Very bad experience with past life( cheating/domestic violence/disrespect etc). Now we are already separated since 9 month ago. Now I met one guy on online. He is also separated but he got one boy which is 10 year old. I don’t have any problem with his son. Actually I am very happy because my past I got several miscarries so I am not sure I will be became mother or not which I already told him. I did not lie him about my self and my past life. We met couple of time and we already had physical. No force. Nowadays I am bit confused. Jab v mere saath hota hai he is okay still we talk about his son. Aur jab v son k sath hota hai he still talk to me on phone but very sort. And he always keep saying his son is his world and 1st priorities. Still I am okay with that and I understand but sometimes he makes me feel bad. Uske son k aage meri ko hi v value nahi hai jaisa feel lagta hai.
Nowadays he said if his son accept me then he is full sure about me which his word make me upset. We are from different country and different culture. Still we r happy and understand with this. He is very caring and loving and overpossives person, he got a great sense of humour, good advicer which I love it. But the thing is he forget me infornt of his son. I always said him I will be also going to part of your life so don’t make me feel that bad. I understand but don’t tell me all the time. Nd he is very sensitive and overprotective about his son which is fare enough. But still he got hole life. Mai hamesh bolti hu. Son hamesha life me nahi rahega avi chota hai bada ho jayega one point apni carrier dekhega then u will be alone. And he said to me how I treated with his son.if I don’t treat good with his son he can leave me. Mai hamesha uske bete se milna chahati hu use janna chahati hu. He always said it’s not right time come yet. Aur uske bete ke bareme hamesha janna chahati hu. That’s why we talk a lot about him. I reassured him I will be good mother him. Jitna ho sake mai karna chahati hu uske liye. Pata nahi future me mera kohi baby hoga ya nahi use hi mai apna manungi bolti hu. Agr if he doesn’t want another baby then I am aggree with this too. Mai hamesha bolti hu use son ki wajah se sure nhi ho to mere saath q physical huye q ? Q life partner k liye online me aaye? Should be first sure ho. Ab aake bolta hai ki ab hum friend ki tarah milenge physical nahi honge. Then we met once Nd again we were physical. He said he can’t control him self when he see me. And after physical he apologised and said sorry. WTF.
Now I am confused what should I do. Do I continue with this guy or give him some time. He is very good guy. He is not sure only for his son. Plz give me genuine suggestions.