#8288: Did He Ever love me back?

I was in a relationship with my bf for a year. Did everything i could to make him happy. Bringing him flowers, traveling from one city to another juz to meet him, i even told everyone in my family about him. I was so sure about marrying him that i made plans for our future. I dont know what went wrong n why didnt he believe me. Juz wanna share my pain here. So what happened was. I was working in an office as an intern n vha mere ek senior colleague the jinse meri baat hoti thi kaam k purpose se. I always treated him more like a mentor. Yes we had some friendly chats but it never meant anything. And then i got to know that he started liking me n nobody knew in the office that i was already in a relation coz i didnt want it to happen bcoz it was my work place. So i told about this to my bf bcoz i never lied about anything n i always wanted to be loyal to him. What he did aftr that devastated me n our relationship😔 he called my mother n said shit about me to her. His words still haunts me. He made it all look like as if i was the one who wanted to be physical with my colleague n he said…”yeh 30-30 saal k ladko se baat krti h aunty…ap bhi jante ho vo isse kya chahta h n yeh use kya dena chahti h” to my mom…n this was not the end..he called my father n said the same stuff to him..”apki ladki ayiyaash h..milne aati thi mujhse” n when i called him n said why u did this he said ab tujhe akal ayegi. Kya krugi aisi akal ka…he threatened me k meri pics bhejega..as if my parents didnt know mai usse milti thi…my parents knew everything..n i didnt know for all the time i was trying to create memories all he was doin was collecting evidences. I dont know if i will ever be able to trust or love someone again or to make those efforts for anyone again 😔😔 i juz wanna say this…if u love someone n they hurt u or do any mistake or if u misunderstood them…juz sit n talk about it instead of making a mess out of it..at least respect the feelings n the good time u had with them…aisa na ho k zindagi mein dobara kbhi khi milo toh nazar utha k dekh bhi na sko😔


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