Please hide my identity.
It might be long one I apologize before starting it.
28 f , still struggling for bonding with mom

When I was 2-3 year old my brothers friend sexually abused me ,as being in that age I didn’t know what was happening. I tried telling my mom and brother but they didn’t bothered as who can imagine that. It stopped when we shifted to new address.school was ok I was usually called fat and different names even my mom does that still, then college began I got a boyfriend told him about my childhood abuse he didn’t believed it was torcher to be with him after year or so but I stayed for 6years there was not much difference between his and mom’s behavior .
After 6years I figured he was cheating on me then he told my mom about my abuse and that he has slept with me, after that my mom started me calling whore tell me to go sleep with different men ,faati Hui ha Teri ,tu second hand ha Tere liye second hand hi dekhna hoga all this continued till today .
I found one nice guy he is simple sweet from other religion ,my mom first liked him but then she said isko ek baar pata chalne de tu second hand ha tuze dekhega bhi nahi ,I told that guy Evey thing he still accepted me ,my mom started having issues why he accepted me then she started disliking him and abused him. He is still with me.
My mom makes me pay for everything in house though I’m not earning much ,I almost got my bank empty , due to lockdown I lost my job and now my mom fights with me daily and says Teri aukat kuch nahi ha .

I don’t understand how should I deal with her .there is no privacy,she get in my room when ever she wants .call relatives and her friends to bitch about Me I have heard this lots of time ,I try to do house chores and stay quiet but it just kills me ,I have started to cry without any reason ,I’m really helpless .

Sorry for this long confession