#8300: Should I disconnect with him and then will check he will come or not ?

I am married, no kid from last 3 years.my husband and me never feel that affection and love sadly.i tried my best by this I do respect him bt no love. We were mutually planning about divorce.
Now, I met a guy before almost 6 months. He knows everything about me, my married life, he is single. V both start liking each other by heart. Nd got attached emotionally.
He is also a true man. He proposed me to b with me for his whole life as my husband. problem is I wanted to know is that really love from his side ? From my side, yes I m in love with him. These days, he doesn’t have time for me ,he spent time with friends after wrking hours wheny v talk fr max 5 mints he talk so nicely nd with love to me .. so many times when I try to make distance with him, he himself came to me and explained me.those things were genuine.
Before going so far, I want to know he really loves me or is that only fake ? Plz guide me what should I do? Should I disconnect with him and then will chk he will come or not ? Or what ?


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