Plz post it without id.. Hello there im female 27.. Graduated nd now working as govt teacher. Actually i m in love with my cousin he was the only first man in my life he proposed me at the age of my school days i was not so much interested at first but gradually started feeling for him and then we bcm so close he loved me seriously and never tried to hurt me with any negative tlks also care about my like and dislike. But the problem was that im too short and look like a lil girl of 14.. We discussed about my height but he said love doesn’t need all this and its not a big issue. But one day my aunt his mother saw my younger sister after a long time and chose her as his future wife she talked about her to my parents at each event but my mother refused cuz she knows about my love for her son. But with this i gone through complex and thinking about my height with broken heart everything was finished even my cousin words were changed he said we were never be in relationship it was jst kidding. He said its not because of ur height its all about my love for ur younger sister she is my love not uh. I can’t imagine how can he change his words he don’t have any sense that he is so hurting me… It’s a big accident for me… I cried alot suffered and stand again buried every dream in my heart but when i forget about him for a week then i see him in dreams and all his family and my sister everytym in my dream i see them m so much depress recently i have dream about all this messy people then i cried for the whole dayi really hate his family i want to hate him too but its kinda hard for me… I want him to go out of my life but he’s my cousin and at any stage we can face eachother its to hard for me to leave him still when we see eachother we have the same feelings he look into my eyes nd put a beautiful smile on his face he still notice everything related to me.he still love me but don’t dare to show me his love. What shld be done now… Is it was real love or not.