India’s obsession with fairness is not at all a secret. Life is no less than a hell for a dusky girl in our fairness obsessed country – her life is filled with unimaginable taunts, demeaning comparisons, endless suggestions to attain fairer skin tone, mockery, odd glances and inferiority complex. What worsens the case in our country is, that this very unfair idea of ‘fairness is the only lovely’ is propagated to masses by the Bollywood stars. And not to forget, India is a country mad for its Bollywood celebs.

Right from the unethical fairness products’ endorsements to majority of actresses being fair complexioned, almost everything in Bollywood propagates this stupid thought process. Not just this, even the films’ stories and song lyrics clearly depict Bollywood and India’s un-understandable fixation with fairness.

Before you misinterpret me, I am not saying that being fair is not being beautiful. But considering fairness as a standard of beauty is definitely wrong. Being dark skinned is as natural as being fair-skinned. But our film industry, especially Hindi film industry is just simply fixed with gori girls and can’t stop singing about it.

And here we bring to you 10 Hindi songs which are a clear depiction of Bollywood’s unfair fixation with fairness, owing to which, every dusky girls lives in an inferiority complex throughout her life.

Ye Kaali Kaali Aankhein, Ye Gore Gore Gaal- Interestingly, Shahrukh Khan was singing this song for Kajol, who was a dark skinned girl at that time. Funny, know? However, she has now maybe got a fairness treatment that she looks fairer than ever these days!

Chittiyaan Kalaaiyan- Just the Baap song of this list. This girl is just so proud of her white skin that maybe she has nothing else to boast about herself. The least thing to boast about, girl! Oops!


Hum Kaale Hain Toh Kya Hua Dil Waale Hain- This iconic Mehmood starring song is a massive entertainer till date. But wait, have you ever realised that the statement line of this song is so offensive. Unfortunately, the guy himself is saying, I am sorry I am dark complexioned but I have a good heart. But what is there to be sorry or consider oneself below?    

Gori Hain Kalaaiyaan- Yet another song where a girl is flaunting and boasting of her fair skin to attract a man’s attention. That’s all you got, girl? *Slow Claps*.

White White Face Dekhe- This song from Tashan is a real funny song with lyrics as well as the way it is picturised. But the opening line of this song, “White White face dekhe, dilwaa beating fast sasura chance maare re,” Hmmm…so a guy’s heart is beating fast because he just saw not just a woman but a white woman. Are you getting it? Like, literally a white woman!

Gore Rang Pe Na Itna Gumaan Kar: Okay, so in this one, the guy is asking the girl to not boast over her fair skin, for it is temporary. Well said, you man! Girls should learn to take pride in better things!

Chaand si mehbooba:  The song goes as “Chaand si mehbooba ho meri, aisa maine socha tha…haan tum bilkul vaisi ho jaisa maine socha tha. PS: with chaand or moon, he is referring to its white colour.

Chaandi Jaisa Rang Hai Tera: This is the most offensive one! The singer later says, Ek tu hi dhanwaan hai gori, baaki sab kangaal- he is literally saying that she is the only rich in terms beauty because she is fair and rest are just destitutes!

Kaala Chashma: Because Kaala Chashma only suits fair women! Ho ho ho! *slow claps, again*

PS- There is no harm in appreciating fair skin-tone or making songs to praise them! But why is that songs are only directed towards them? Hardly any songs for the dusky skin-tone! When will we learn that all skin tones are equally natural and beautiful! This obsession for fairness is absolutely not fair! What say?


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