Every relationship requires caring and concerned nature of partner, but it doesn’t mean that you start becoming possessive towards your other half. Because showing care and being possessive are two different things. Being possessive towards your partner can ruin your relationship very badly. It not only affects you physically but mentally as well. People usually find their partners’ possessive nature very sweet and loving in the beginning of the relationship but after sometime, their same habit annoys you.

Here are a few traits of a possessive partner! Have a look and know if your partner also belongs to the category!


  1. They will always comment on your dressing sense and want you to dress according to their choice. They always want you to seek their approval for whatever you are wearing.

2 Whenever you plan to go out with your friends and family, your partner will always seem uncomfortable. He or she  will shower you with questions like why are you going, where are you going, when will you return, is it necessary to go..and so on. They always try their best to cancel your plans with friends and family.

3 Your partner constantly calls and messages you in order to keep a check on your doings. Unfortunately, it is not their concern and care for you but to satiate their skeptical souls.

4 When you both are together, in spite of spending some quality time, your partner keeps checking your mobile phone.

5 If you are with a possessive partner, you have no room for personal life. Your partner will not allow you to have any personal space. They want you to be with them all the time – no matter if it harms your productivity.

6 You will not have the freedom to take your own decisions. Your each and every decision is taken by your partner.

7 A possessive partner will always try to keep you away from social networking sites or keep a stern check on your activities. They might even ask you the passwords of your social media account to make sure you are not cheating on them.

8 A possessive partner tries to control your life – physically, mentally and financially. Your partner will forbid you from holding a job or managing your own money. He may also forbid you from seeking employment.

9 A possessive partner becomes angry  over minor acts. For instance, if you 10-15 minutes late to reach home, then questions like why you are late, where were you and all flood in. In some cases this anger might be marked by some physical and verbal abuse, which is very dangerous for your life.

It is better to stay alone than being in such a mentally abusive and toxic relationship. But if you don’t want to lose your partner, try giving them a reality check of their misdeeds or take them to a psychologist.

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