9 signs that you are a person who doesn’t know how to say “No”

Are you always agreeing to people for one thing or the other? Do you always find it hard to say no? if yes, then we can completely understand your struggle. There are many like you who find it difficult to say no to anyone who comes running after for help.
Whenever someone is in trouble and needs help, all they can think of is “You” and only “You”. You have become a life saver for many. But this nature of yours is surely not proving to be good for you.
Don’t worry, you’ve got a lot of time to improve on that. Before you get down to work, here’s a quick read for you and all the others who find it difficult to say “No”. Scroll down and take a look at these relatable signs.

1. The only question that scares the hell out of you is: “Can you do me a favour?” That’s because you know you’ll say yes, come what may. But when it comes to your near and dear ones, you don’t mind lending a helping hand without hesitations and are always up for it.

2. When people ask you for help, you always agree without realizing the trouble it can give you. No matter how much pending work you’ve got to do or how sick you are, you are ready to waste all your time and energy on something that you have got nothing to do with.

3. Since it’s a tough task for you to say no to someone, you rehearse it in your mind for hours. But then this preparation of saying no turns out to be of no use to you because you again end up saying yes.


4. And when nothing works, you start avoiding people who you know will again convince you with their puppy eyes and innocent face. There’s no better way to deal with it.
5. One thing that you have surely become a pro at is making excuses. Excuses are like your second best friend as they help you get out of these helpless situations a lot of times. From telling that you are sick to you being not available in the time, you’ve tried it all.

6. You definitely know that this habit of yours is surely going to leave you bankrupt some day. While your friends are always ready to go out for lunch, but there’s hardly anyone who is ready to pay. You are the only one who is always paying the bills.

7. When you wake up every morning, you re-tell yourself to say “no”. But when it comes to implementing it, you badly fail. It has kind of become your daily routine.
8. Another reason why you can’t say no to someone is that you can’t hurt someone. Also, you are afraid of judgments that they might make after you say no to them. Rather than landing yourself in guilt, you prefer to agree and help.

9. At times, you land yourself in trouble by saying yes to too many people at the same time. This way you are not able to do justice to any of them and deal with the repercussions afterwards.