9 Signs your relationship is controlling you

As much as we enjoy being in relationships, we sometimes overlook the fact that it starts to control us. We let go of our senses and don’t think about anything else.

If you have ever been in this situation, then you’ll understand what harm comes from letting your relationship control you.

You do what is best for your relationship which might not necessarily mean that it is the best for you. You compromise to such an extent that it affects you personally but since you don’t focus on yourself, you over=look it too.



Since you give more importance to your relationship and the guy, you just do things that are good for him. In the course of time, you start losing your identity and become someone else just to please this guy.


This guy would be the worst person on Earth but you would not see his flaws. Even if you do, you accept him for the way he is because for you love means being tolerant. This is not wrong but you need to know that everything has a limit and if it starts harming you, it shouldn’t be acceptable.


Sometimes, the guy you date might not be very focussed on his ambitions or aspirations which will also take a toll on you. The person you choose to spend time with has an effect on you and you won’t even realise it. This will result in you not being motivated enough and you will lose your focus in life.


Things that have happened in the past are still your hot topic of discussion. Your partner cannot seem to move on and you seem to keep justifying yourself over and over again.


Every relationship requires compromising but if you over-do it, you are letting your relationship take control of yourself. Be it buying presents, waiting for him or even looking good for him, you will not even think to negotiate with him. You adjust with everything he does.


Whether it is something that you are meaning to do or some adventure you want to try, if your partner is negative about things, you are never going to enjoy. You are going to be stuck with doing nothing.


For whatever it is, your opinions and views do not matter because what he says or suggests is more important. You do not even seem to be a part of any decision-making and whatever he says, happens.


It is good to be a help to others and if it is your partner who needs the help, it is great that you help him figure things out. But if you are the only one doing all the fixing, you won’t have any time to focus on fixing the things that have gone wrong in your life. You’re not their mother to help them out and you will just be left with helping them.