9 steps to slow down skin-aging process

By Munmun Bhattacharjee

April 13, 2017

Skin aging… god this is a problem! Always has been and always will be. But do we have a solution? I guess we do. At least we do have a solution to partially help us through anti-aging but it is a long one and involves a lot of steps so only those who really wish to slow down the skin aging process are the only ones who will be able to triumph. But first let us get some things straight:


We all age and it is inevitable. No matter what you do, beauty is a perishable boon. Anti-aging tips are not magic spells.


Aging starts the day we born we just name it differently. Till mid 20’s we call it growing up and after 30’s it becomes growing old. But the fact of the matter is, we have been aging since the moment we were born.

When to start using anti-aging treatments and products? Now. Anytime is fine as long as you are ready with the steps required. The earlier you start the better off you are.

Why are we so obsessed with beauty? Shouldn’t staying natural be more important? There is nothing like ‘what is more important’ in this aspect. It depends on your perspective. If you think looking young is beautiful, then you have all the rights in the world to try for it. if you find natural aging beautiful, then don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It is that simple. Don’t sham people who think different than you. No two artists can paint the same painting.

So, now that we have some FAQs out of the way, let us start by knowing what makes us age and how to avoid them:


1)    The sun – I love the sun when it loves me back softly but it is neither of us two’s fault that the sun gives out UV rays. Cover your skin by clothes or use umbrellas and definitely use sun screen (SPF 30 or above). Use it every day, even on cloudy days.

2)    Stay away from tanning- You might like the rusty look but sun ages your skin. No matter how you get a tan, it will age you skin.

3)    Stop with the ‘bad’ habits- Although this is going to be in relation to you skin, but smoking and drinking are anyways habits (or addiction whatever is your case) that need to be avoided. When you blow out air during smoking, it ages the area around your mouth and otherwise also, it ages your body. *extra tip* smoking destroys the environment as well so please grow up a bit.

4)    Don’t force your-self to react or don’t over-react- I mean this in a sense of facial expression. Forcing a grin and all might be important sometimes but don’t overdo the stretching on the face. Laughing does not give you wrinkles but over-doing facial expression does.

5)    Control your diet- For starters, don’t over eat. This also causes aging. The moment you feel your stomach is full; stop. And eat again when you get hungry. And eat food which is good for your skin like anchovies, vegetables, fruits rich in vitamin c and food rich in omega 3.

6)    Wear less make-up- What really looks beautiful (this is strictly my opinion), is a neat and clean face.

7)    Skin care routine- First use an oil based cleaner to get rid of make-up and stuff, then a mild cleaner to clean out the pores, then exfoliate gently, apply toner, moisturize heavily and use different specialized ones for your under-eye area. There are many skin care routines which you can find on the net but I would recommend talking to a doctor.

8)    Surgeries- You can get them done if you really want to but, surgeries can have side effects and so it is better to go with ‘change in lifestyle’ method than ‘cut up your face or get injections’ methods.

9)    Sleep- Sleep on your back and sleep for at least 8 hours. Over-sleeping is bad too but not getting enough sleep destroys a lot of functions in your body; from your immune system to your skin, everything gets disturbed.

In short, you need to have a healthy and strict lifestyle in order to keep yourself looking young. Point number 7 which talk about skin care routines give you the faster results (of course fastest after surgeries). Also, using the right products are necessary. You need to know your skin type first, know its weaknesses and strengths and work on them accordingly.