Dealing or going through a breakup may sound easy but for sure is not. Your hear sort of things such as- time heals everything or you learn from your mistakes only anddd what not… Situations can of both- a person could portray themselves to be strong enough and easily letting go or someone could actually not portray and burstout with true feelings.
Relationships can at times get complicated more than a limit and breaking up a relation results icing to the cake. It could make life complex day by day. And when you take such a big step then there must be a solid reason behind because nobody is fond of having a hello with turmoil and pain aftermath!

There are post-breakup feelings amongst everybody, may it be of anger or love. But, if you are commited to a new relation or your ex has move on or any such then you must pursue the following basics in order to make everything amiable:

1. I miss you and always do miss you!
If he/she has given up on you then by saying this you are giving them an opportunity to play with your feelings yet again. On the other hand if you are one who gave up then saying this will restrict him/her to move on and grow.

2. Let’s just get back together, please?
Yes it is surely difficult and natural for some people to move on from a breakup, but exhibiting yourself needy in front of your ex is not a wise step to take.

3. I am happier now without you…
One who was once meant world to you and without whom you always felt incomplete but now you are happy?! Never say anything like this.

4. I hate you and always will!
It’s natural to undergo several kinds of emotional breakdowns after a breakup but saying this would not give console to your heart.

5. You were trash whom I lived with!
Another hurtful thing to say and no doubt it could hurt anybody. Insulting someone out of hatred is never a smart thing to do.

6. You never deserved me, it was your luck you had me.
It was your fault that you chose to be with whom you were never happy.

7. Your friend is way more better than you!
Just for sake of taking a cold revenge and hurting your ex out of your hatred you start dating his/her friend? That could make situations way more worst in future. Chances are that you might end up getting more hurt by x,y,z friends of him/her.

8. You were never good in bed!
Surely those are the most beautiful moments that a couple shares in bed while in a relationship.
Hurting your ex related to all this and degrading them mentally could be destroying a soul.

9. I regret everything.. I wish I had never met you at first place!
Don’t forget that you were equally involved in this relationship once, and now that it has not worked then you just can’t blame the other.

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