Respect me not?

Both the partners need to learn to respect each other in public or be it in a room. Because at the end of the day, for the outsiders, you both are one. You are his respect and he is yours. You’ll make a mockery out of yourself if you keep disrespecting each other.

Oh! Thank you!

Everyone likes a good compliment! And why not? It feels amazing!! And complementing each other helps in strengthening the relationship. It gives you a sense of security that the other one is still into you! Especially, if it’s been too many years. Things as simple as nice dress or the shirt’s suiting you will do the trick!

Trust me baby!

Trust is mandatory! It is the founding fundamental of a relationship. With no trust, your relationship is on the edge of the mountain waiting to slip.

Where‘s my space?

Don’t cling on to each other all the time!! Take your time out and even give him some. Give each other some space. Give him a boy’s night out and take a girl’s night out. Give yourselves a chance to miss each other!

Sharing is caring

Sometimes he is busy, sometimes you are busy. Maybe both of you feel ignored or neglected by each other. But don’t keep it to yourself. It’s best if you share such feelings with your partner.

Backing each other

No matter what, you should always have each other’s back. You’re a team now, don’t back out in front of others. And never point out fingers when in a crowd.


When in a relationship, both of you should be the decision makers and not solely one. Discuss and then decide and if that’s not happening then stand up for your right!

We all have our flaws.

No one’s perfect. We all are flawed. He might snore at night or maybe his wardrobe is in shambles. Maybe even you’re a bad cook or too lazy to clean the house. So it’s better to accept each other’s annoying habits rather than making a scene out of it.

 Can you be there for me?

Support is the backbone of your relationship. At the time, he’ll be feeling low or pressurized, stand up for him, comfort him, ask him what’s wrong, try to figure out a solution. And he should be doing the same for you.


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