Friendship makes the world a better place to live in. We all consider our friends as an integral part of our lives. But not all friends are the same. Some of them drain your energy. There are some friends who have a negative impact on your life. They try to act nice on your face and talk shit behind your back.

Everybody is not your friend. There are some who only pretend to be your friend. Just because they hang out with you and laugh with you doesn’t mean that they are your real friends. Even the nicest people have their limits. It is better to cut ties with toxic friends. Having fewer friends is always better than having a bunch of fake friends.

Toxic friends never listen to your problems and are quick to point out your flaws. They aren’t happy for your success. All they talk about is themselves and their accomplishments. Do you have toxic friends too? Here’s a list of 9 types of toxic friends that you should maintain distance with

The disloyal

This type of friend is the one who is not loyal to you at all. You can’t expect him or her to keep your secrets safe with them. They have a habit of spilling your secrets to others. They might act as if they are the most loyal friend of yours but you never know what they are doing behind your back.

  • The copy-cat

It seems cute when your best friend buys that same floral dress to twin it with you. But it gets nerve-wracking when your friend tries to copy each and everything that you do or everything that you wear. It is better to distance yourself from a person who can’t even maintain his or her separate individual identity.

  • The competitor

No sort of competition is healthy for a relationship. If your best friend tries to diminish your achievements and finds a way to prove that he or she is doing way better in life than you, there are chances that he or she is trying to act as a competition to you. Best friends are not supposed to belittle you and rather appreciate or motivate you to do well in life.

  • The controller

As the name suggests, controller is the one who tries to control every decision of your life. He or she decides who you should be friends with and who you shouldn’t be friends with. Every time you try to go against their decision, they make a big issue out of it. This way you are forced to do things their way.

  • The abuse

A person, who tries to abuse you verbally, physically, sexually or even mentally, doesn’t deserve your friendship. No matter how long you’ve been friends with such a person, you should immediately break ties with them if they try to abuse you. Never entertain any sort of ill-treatment or inappropriate comments against you, even if it is from your best friend.

  • The liar

Many of us have that friend who doesn’t get tired of telling annoying, upsetting little tales.  Such people spin unrealistic stories about themselves with the fear of being judged or made to feel guilty. Every time you ask them the reason for canceling a plan, they are already up with some excuse which you know is a big lie.

  • The critic

He or she is the one who tries to find fault in everything that you do. He or she finds reasons to criticize you. It seems that you can never be good enough for this friend of yours. Be it your living lifestyle or your job, they don’t get tired of bombarding you with negative comments on almost every decision of your life.

*The victim

Victims are the ones who always blame others for all the wrongs that they do. They act innocent and are ready to point fingers on others even when they are the one who have committed a mistake. Nobody expects you to feel accountable for things that didn’t even go wrong because of you, but when you are the reason behind it, you should have the courtesy to own up for the same.

*The overly-jealous

This type of friend is the one who will never be happy about any of your accomplishments in your life. Such a person tends to diminish everything that you accomplish. This is because he or she is jealous of you. It is important for friends to be happy for each other in order to maintain healthy and supportive relationship.

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