“You don’t need to roar to be a tigress. There are various shades, reflections of ‘sherni’ (tigress) that each of us represents. My character is a woman of few words, reserved but strong-willed. So you can be that” that was what Vidya Balan said when asked about her role in the upcoming film, “SHERNI”.  Vidya Balan is not at all a new name for Indian cinema and Bollywood in particular. She handles with immense intensity and conviction roles of Anandi, a girl whose life is confined within her immediate family surroundings in her debut film Bhalo Theko, translated from Bengali as ‘Take Care’  to the role of  Vidya Vincent, a forest officer, who strives to solve a man-animal conflict in her upcoming Hindi release “ Sherni”.

Vidya Balan is trained in Carnatic music and had also briefly studied Bharatanatyam and Kathak. When once she was asked about her religious concepts, Vidya’s answer was, “I am not a person who believes in the concept of organized religion even if I have faith in God”. A staunch vegetarian, Vidya was nominated as “India’s hottest vegetarian” in polls conducted by PETA in 2011 and 2012. Vidya was featured by Forbes India in their annual Celebrity 100 list in 2012 and 2013

When a journalist asked about what inspired her in handling the role of a daring forest officer in Sherni, Vidya explained how her mother has been a homemaker throughout her life while keeping her individual identity. She says her mother is always learning and inspiring her along the way. She is in her 60s and she is doing things she has never done before whether it’s learning dance or three different types of music. Vidya added, “So, I think my mother is the most powerful Sherni in my life,”

Already with a National Award and several Film fare Awards in her kitty film followers, fans and critics as well are eagerly waiting for Vidya Balan’s new release, “SHERNI”. And as Vidya told in one of her recent virtual interviews, the audience across all genders and ages has much to wait with curiosity, “You don’t have to scream out loud from the rooftops to be heard all the time or even be visible all the time. In each of the households in India, there’s a ‘Sherni’, and a lot of times she’s invisible. This is my salute to all of them out there.” And that’s Vidya Balan, the voice of a modern Indian actress at its best.

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