It was the beginning of a new relationship

By Lesley D. Biswas


I would like to meet you tomorrow,’ Rishab typed on the eve of St Valentine’s Day. He felt his heart thump inside him as he waited for Trisha to reply. Although Trisha had expected this for some time, when Rishab actually asked to meet her in person, she was stumped. She didn’t know what to reply.

Over their six-and-half month-long online friendship, Trisha had become very comfortable with Rishab. In fact, she longed to take their relationship to the next level. When she sensed that Rishab might be trying to do just that, she was numb. Not because she was unsure of what the outcome of their meeting would be. She was sure that like all the other boys who had met her, seen and rejected her, Rishab too would eventually do the same.

“Couple falling in Love”

“Trisha,” Rishab typed sensing that he might have made her uncomfortable. And since he was not someone who would do that to any woman, let Trisha who, to Rishab’s very own surprise, had made a place in his heart. “If you don’t want to meet me in person, it’s okay. But please don’t stay silent,” Rishab typed.

“It’s not that I don’t want to meet you, Rishab,” Trisha wrote back. “Just that I might not match up to the person you imagine me to be.”

Rishab wondered if that was the reason why at the very outset of their online friendship Trisha had suggested that they not share their pictures. It was her idea to have a friendship based on pure mental compatibility.

“I never had a faint image of you in my mind, Trisha. Not that it mattered all along until now, but since you have refused to meet me because of what your physical appearance holds, I am even more eager to meet you,” Rishab wrote again. “Not because who I might see, but because I hope that you will see the real Rishab who is your friend. The real me who isn’t like those other men who might have hurt you to the extent that today you don’t want to even meet me. Trisha, after all our conversations over the past months, you still think I could be so shallow to base my friendship on physical appearance, then there is no reason why we should continue this friendship.”


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