Part 2: At Millennium Park

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Rishab hoped that his threat would work – that Trisha would accept his invitation. Trisha wasn’t unaware of this tactic used by men on online dating sites to lure women into meeting in real life. Instead of becoming wary of Rishab, Trisha became anxious.

“Okay, let’s meet at Millennium Park, tomorrow, at 5 o’clock,” Trisha typed after some thought. She decided that if their relationship had to come to an end, might as well give it a fair chance before they call it off. She knew otherwise she would never find out who he really was and would spend the rest of her life debating over what could have been the outcome of their meeting.

“Done,” Rishab typed and lay back on his bed. He scratched his head and a smile flashed across his handsome face in anticipation of the next day’s meeting. This was the first time Rishab was going to meet a girl whom he hadn’t seen. The thought was tantalising and he tossed in bed wondering how it would go. When he woke up early next morning and joined his dadi in her yoga practice in the garden, she sensed his unusual excitement.

“Rishu,” his dadi said, fondly caressing his blushing cheek, “what is the matter?”

“Yes. Trisha has agreed to meet me today and you are coming along, dadi.” Rishab said.

“Why me, Rishu? It’s Valentine’s Day and everyone will be with their beloved. What will an old woman like me do in the middle of two young people?” dadi gently resisted.

“Awesome Environment”

“For me, dadi. Please,” Rishab pleaded. “Dadi,” he said taking a deep long breath, “Trisha didn’t agree at first. She has some apprehensions that I might not like her appearance.” And all of a sudden he became sad. “I know it’s easy to say that looks don’t matter but we all know that they do.”

That evening being Valentine’s Day, the Millennium Park was overflowing with lovers walking hand in hand. With some difficulty Rishab found a vacant bench where his dadi could sit down. He seated her there and went to get her some tea from a tea stall outside the park.

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