She rise as a sun, she whirl like fire, serves her love eternally and will fill her every desire. Yes, she is the women of twenty first century.

Women in today’s life has peaked themselves in different endeavors of every field. One has impressed their foot on the planetoid and another went on the heights of prosperity. Some are Motivational Speakers and some are leading as world’s best scientists. From Every intersection of the terrene, a woman has up risen the pennant of women empowerment. Some are amazing in acting in reel life, while other are the best performer in real life.  The Matrons had proved themselves in every turn of life.

With the triumph of jubilation of Women empowerment and the heights of success that the women have swayed, aren’t we forgetting someone very important in the achievements. Yes, Being a homemaker is also an accomplishment. It depend on who you want to evolve into.

She wakes up before the rise of the sun, making food for the entire family. Accepting everyone’s tantrum. Leading the house and making everything ready for the clan. Pampering her children, loving her husband, conforming her in-laws, following the rule of the society, and running everywhere to complete the household tasks. An Indian woman is not only married to her husband but also to the entire family.

In all those everyday duty, she forgets herself. She forget her desire of achieving her dream. However, family’s desire becomes her own dream. Therefore, she is not representing herself internationally but she is presenting her family. Women is Affectionate, generous, attentive, and devoted to her task. She is Contessa

“A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in                                                         hot water”   Eleanor Roosevelt

All the attainment of today’s women deserve massive respect, so does a homemaker do. When we go home we wish to see our mother, we want to preserve her with eyes, making our favorite food, giving her caring gesture and the happy smiling face. A homemaker is also a symbol of woman empowerment.

So Being a matron is an achievement, From A scientist to a homemaking, from daughter to a mother, celebrate this Women’s day with women hood.