A Fan Claimed To Be Married To BTS Singer Jin, The Singer Gave the Reaction- Checkout!

BTS: Fan claimed to be married to BTS member Jin, the singer gave such a reaction Jin is a member of the famous Korean band BTS. He has reacted to a post by one of his fans. His fan had claimed that the singer had married him. This was when Jin was hosting a live session on the occasion of his birthday.

The BTS singer turned 29 on Saturday. During this time he hosted the live session. He also released a new track titled ‘Super Tuna’ on his birthday.

Meanwhile, the singer started reading the messages of his fans. That’s when a fan’s comment caught the attention of Moon Singer, which was about his marital status. Commenting on what this fan wrote, Jin married me. At the same time, in response to this tweet, Jin wrote, I did not, I have not married yet.


Meanwhile, during his live session, Jin also revealed the story behind the super track ‘Tuna’.  He said that he is ashamed of the song. The singer further said that this is an average song and it is funny, but he is embarrassed by it. Not only this, but Jin also called the quality of the video of this song useless.

Describing the song, Jin said, on the day he recorded this song, he was drunk. He also revealed that the song was shot at the same theme park he had recently visited in Los Angeles.

Jin released the track of the song after the live session was over. In the video, Jin is seen dancing on the beach with two members of the production team.

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