A father’s love…

Children always see their fathers as their hero! He is a son’s role model and a daughter’s ideal love. Fathers set examples for their children and teach them how to win over different marathons of life. Where a mother’s love gives warmth and tenderness, a father’s love teaches to grow stronger after every fall. A motherly nature always protects her child while the fathers encourage pushing a little harder, touching the higher limit and building confidence.

While teaching you how to ride a bike, wasn’t he the one who said he won’t let go? And when he did, wasn’t the feeling of being cheated, quickly replaced with the pride of learning to ride your bicycle? A father is the energy booster and the confidence builder in a kid’s life.

If a father is emotionally supportive, affectionate and actively involved in a child’s life, he can positively influence the child’s social development. Such fathers help in boosting a good self-esteem, authenticity and help a child to find his individuality. A father does not need to be perfect, because no one is. He should simply make enough efforts to be there for his children and his family at large. He should be the string which ties all the beads together in the family. A father’s love is more discrete and peeks through the little things he does. It is in the sacrifices he makes for his family, either in the times of crisis, or in the simple everyday choices. It keeps his family above himself or any other thing in the world.

A father always makes unique efforts to parenting, which no one can replicate. Usually fathers teach their children with rules and explain through strict guidelines. They stress on justice, fairness and duty. It is often the fathers who make the kids realize the harsh realities of life, rather than sugarcoating things for them. Their methods might be different and strict, but they are the ones who teach the consequences of rights and wrongs and give the strength to face the truth. They always try to prepare their kids for the harshness of the world. Boys learn from their fathers who a real man is and how should they channel their strength and masculinity in positive ways. Whereas, girls tend to learn how a man is supposed to act towards women, and hence learns which behaviours are inappropriate. This builds a healthy familiarity for girls, with the world of men.

No words or gesture would ever be enough to thank a father for what he does, but showing what he means to you on the father’s day is at least what he deserves. Spending quality time with him, doing what he loves to do, expressing how much he means to you, appreciating his contributions to the family, or simply giving him his alone-time can eliminate all his pressure and make his day! He might not ask for it but make him feel like the real life hero he is!