The MeToo movement in the country is grabbing its roots strongly. Women from different fields are sharing their stories. Self-styled godwoman Radhe Maa, who has been at the center of a fair share of controversies in the past recently spoke about the movement.

One can’t deny that Radhe Maa certainly knows a thing or two about grabbing eyeballs.  The lady was the chief guest at a Navratri celebration in Mumbai when journalists caught up with her to ask the question. Here’s a loose translation of what the journalist asked:

“Women are facing atrocities in India and MeToo movement is trending. Many women are opening up about the harassment and brutalities that they encountered and many big names from Bollywood like Nana Patekar and Alok Nath have come to light. What will you say in this regard?”

To which Radhe Maa replied, “Yeh galat ho raha hai par main chahti hun ki jab atyaachaat ho, aurat usi time apna uthaaye.” (It’s wrong but I want that when a woman faces atrocities, she should raise or lift up her…. at that time only.)

Radhe Maa is clearly hinting at Astra (weapons) or voices but the awkward sentence construction made the whole sound bite rather laughable. Netizens have trolled Radhe Maa for her reply that rather appears to be incomplete. Check out some selected tweets:

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