Aamir Ali Saves Mouni Roy From Being Mobbed By Fans

By admin

August 29, 2018

It is not a new thing for celebrities to get mobbed by their fans. There have been many instances where Bollywood, as well as TV stars, have been surrounded by their fans and then become a target. This time it was the Gold star Mouni Roy who became a target of her crazy fans.

Mouni looked visibly nervous with the overwhelming crowd as she feared an unforeseen situation. After all, there have been a lot of instances where many actresses have been touched inappropriately in a mob. Watch the video below to see how Mouni got caught in the crowd while exiting the theatre.

Thankfully, TV actor Aamir Ali came to Mouni’s rescue at the right time. In the video, he is seen coming from behind to grab hold of Mouni’s hand and then guard her through the crowd and make her sit in his car. We’re sure Mouni took a sigh of relief on seeing Aamir at that time.