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By Medha Chawla


Are you among the ones who get a little baffled when someone tries to talk to you about contouring? And the only response you have is, ‘What’s that?’. Well! You have landed exactly on the right page.

Starting from the very basic, contouring is a make-up technique, meant to enhance facial features and give specific shape to the face. Earlier, the technique was only reserved for runway models and actresses. Thanks to endless beauty V-loggers and make-up specialists on social media, who have made every girl a bit of a make-up expert. The same is the case with contouring. This highly uncommon and reserved technique has now made its way to girls’ daily routines.

The wedding and festive season is also here to drench us all in the riot of colours and zeal. All of us wish to look our best while we hop across the weddings. Don’t we? And make-up undeniably plays a very integral and imperative role to make us look wedding ready, apart from the dazzling attire and accessories! When it comes to make-up, you have two options. Either you can splurge heartlessly at the beauty parlours and pay hefty amounts to get ready or learn simple contouring techniques yourself and shine bright. The choice is yours!

The beginner’s guide to contouring

One very basic thing that you must be aware of is, gone are the days when concealer and foundation were enough to give you a glammed-up look. If you have ever observed the photographs of actresses, models, star kids and a few girls hailing from the affluent families on social media, their face usually has a perfect shape with a chiselled jawline and prominent cheekbones. Well, that perfect face shape is achieved by a little bit of highlighting and contouring.

Contouring, if done right, lifts and enhances the facial features. If you are not the one with sharp features and have flattened cheekbones and a not-so-pointed nose, contouring is definitely apt for you. However, one must always note that it should only be done to subtly enhance your features, not to completely alter your face. It is more like real-life photoshop. If overdone, not only will it make you look too artificial but may also look horrible. But yeah, once you are clear with the aim and have a little bit of patience along with the simple technique you can nail the look.

Products guide

If you surf online or visit any nearby cosmetic store, be aware already! In the quest to earn extra bucks, they might misguide you and hand you overexpensive professional contouring kits and burn a hole in your pocket. They are more complicated to be used and moreover there are no specific ‘contouring products’ that you need. Perfect contouring can easily be done with simple and basic products as follows:

Concealer: A concealer palette comprising shades lighter and darker than your skin tone.

Bronzer: With its range starting from Rs 250, bronzer can readily be bought both online or at local stores at nominal prices. It is usually applied to give a final touch to the make-up, after the concealer and foundation are applied and blush is yet to be put on.

Highlighter or Illuminators to make your skin glow.

Blending brush: Buy a voluminous brush with soft bristles.

Whether to choose liquid-based or powder-based products is entirely your choice. However, to blend liquid ones is a little tough and requires more effort. But it stays for long, though. For beginners, it is suggested to opt for powdered ones as they are very easy to blend.

Choosing the right shade

Amongst the multi-shaded products, choosing the right shade for your skin tone is a must. Or else you will end up looking like a streaky mess. During the contouring process, you need two shades darker and two shades lighter products than your skin tone. Or else blending between the fine lines of your skin will become difficult and results will be harrowing. So simply, you need two shades darker and two shades lighter than your skin tone products to make the blending easier.

Let it begin

_ Moisturise your face and apply primer with your fingers. It gives a smooth texture to your face and acts as a base for the make-up. It also helps make-up last longer.

_ Now, take the concealer two shades lighter than your skin tone, and apply strokes at the places you would like to conceal. To make it easier, simply apply the lighter-shaded concealer at areas like chin, under eyes, middle of your forehead, bridge of your nose. See the picture for a clear understanding. This is called highlighting.

_ And now using the concealer which is two tones darker than your skin, apply it on the areas which you would like to outshow. Like your cheekbones, sides of your nose, jawline, cheeks and boundary of the forehead.

_ The darker shade is applied at the areas where more depth is required. For instance, if you have flattened cheekbones, the darker shade once merged with the lighter one will make them look more plump and heavy. Similarly, using a light-shaded concealer will sharpen the features.

_ Take the blending brush or a sponge, and simply blend. This is the most important and easy step. Keep on blending until all the lines and harsh strokes you made disappear and make you look flawless.

_ To complete the look, apply a highlighter or an illuminator to make your face glow a bit. However, make sure it is matte or is just not too shimmery. And all is set!

Happy contouring!

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