Big Boss 10 is getting spicer day by Day and the finale of season 10 is near, everyone is eager to know who will be the winner of this season. Of course, you can’t predict who will be the winner and if you can it will be very difficult to predict. It seems that KRK did this job for all of us in advance.


Krk had even predicted the list of contestants before the launch of season 10. Maybe he has some kind of setting with the makers of the show and this could be the reason he confidently speaks up.

Do you want to know who would be the winner of this season according to KRK, see his tweets?

He is back with his stunts and predictions and according to him, it is Bani who will win the Bigg Boss show. He says that Bani is working with Viacom & has signed a contract with them.


We all have known her as a famous VJ on MTV, which belongs to Viacom18. So as per KRK, the makers will make her the winner even though her performance is worst and even though she doesn’t get enough votes.

He highlighted 1 more logic; he said that in spite of Bani talking rudely with Salman, he was quite polite to her. He conducted a poll too; here’s his tweet…

Out of 16,000 votes, 67% people voted that Bani is an idiot.

Let’s see in the finale of season 10 if  KRK predictions would come true or not.

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