Accused Of Withdrawing 1cr, Karan Mehra Faces Domestic Violence Charges


The happy couple not so happy anymore

An extramarital affair, abuse, lack of responsibility and a few other allegations were already in the daily soap actor KunalMehra’s lap when recently he was slapped with another case by his wife Nisha Rawal. The former has been accused of allegedly withdrawing Rs. 1 crore from his wife’s bank account. While the Goregaon police are yet to investigate the truth behind the matter, the accusation has certainly made the actress’s case stronger. The household matter became the buzz of the industry when on June 1 2021 the keeper of many female fan’s hearts, KunalMehra was arrested. And the fuel has not calmed since. 

Nisha Rawal claimed has faced domestic abuse

Like any Bollywood or soap opera mystery, many of which we have witnessed in the recent past, this one too isn’t as easy to solve. While wifey is not holding back from claiming that her head has been bashed against the wall by husband and star of ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’, he himself has not left any stone unturned. Karan Mehra claims that his wife has always been violent and has not spared him of physical abuse either. Hoping it will be better with time he hadn’t spoken about the matter yet, but he cannot keep it in anymore. 

Short tempered or bipolar another mystery unravelled

While people are finding it easy to draw conclusions on the case sitting on their comfortable couches, the Goregaon police are certainly losing sleep over the unsolvable mystery. One to lose temper very quickly as accused by husband Karan Mehra, Nisha Rawal has strongly claimed that her husband is likely to have an extramarital affair and is irresponsible when it comes to their relationship. Currently, on bail, Karan Mehra is now facing allegations of withdrawing Rs. 1 cr from his wife and an FIR has been filed in the matter too. 

Pictures from son Kavish Mehra’s happy birthday

Amidst it all, the actress seems upbeat and confident about her case as she celebrates her

son Kavish Mehra’s birthday with a space-themed bash. On the other hand, the husband and his family are finding themselves in quite a puddle, unsolving the multiple cases they are facing by their daughter in law. 

All hearts hope for the happy family and son

It’s not a small matter, it’s certainly not going away anytime soon. The buzz and goss around the topic have kept many on their toes wanting to know the real culprit amongst the two. Even with this, good hearts and fans hope for the family to survive it all but above all, they hope from son Kavish Mehra to hang in there and wish his strength and love. 

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