Acting Satisfaction Is Temporary Common Man Is The Real Superhero: Sonu Sood Recent Exclusive

Bollywood actor turned philanthropist Sonu Sood in a recent interview to media said, “The happiness I have achieved is much more than 19 years of a career as an actor. When the whole journey started with migrants one and a half years ago, I didn’t know I would connect with so many lives. My mother used to say: Whoever stands by you during your hour of need is a big person.  I lost my parents but I wish they were around to see what I am doing now.”

The Bollywood actor continued,” When you are an actor, you are part of a 100 crore or a 200 crore film and it feels nice when appreciated for my work, but it’s all temporary. There is nothing more special than touching the soul of an individual you are never going to meet in your life. The life I lead now is like no lights, no camera, it is the only action. The common man is the actual superhero. As a child in Moga, Punjab, we used to have a langar where we distributed halwa-poori. If someone in the crowd was struggling to get hold of a meal, I used to wonder what’s the big deal about getting food. Now I understand what food and care mean to the common man.”

Adding to his understandings of how our society works, which he earned during the last years when the covid pandemic hit across nation and world at large Sonu Sood said, “When we have a problem with plumbing or wiring, we get a plumber or an electrician, But the next time we do so, there may be a different person with the same job. The migrant worker never really has an identity.”

“I started a platform called Pravasi Rozgar, which was about giving each worker an identity. No matter where they go back in the country. It later became Good Worker when the Singapore-based investment company, Temasek came on board. So, if a migrant from Bihar wants to go to Mumbai to work, we ensure that his health, stay and food are taken care of. If a plumber doesn’t want to continue being a plumber, they are trained to become something else. Our target is to connect with 10 million people in the next two years.”

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