Actor Karan Patel share his feelings of being a father, also talks about daddy duties.

Embracing parenthood is everyone’s wish. For some it come soon for others, later in life. When the little creature enter in everyone’s life, the journey of parenthood begins. From a mother talking care of the babies to father involving their efforts and spend time. Things have changed now and it is an equal share of responsibilities for to husband and wife to upbring their child.

So is with television actor, Karan Patel and his wife, Ankita Bhargava are enjoying their new role as parents. On December 20, 2019, Karan and Ankita’s entire life changed when they were blessed with a sweet little baby girl “Mehr”. The actor had announced the arrival of his baby girl on his Instagram handle and had shared her name with the world. His post could be read as “All your blessings made our world beautiful, a heartfelt thank you to all our well-wishers …. #RabbDiMehr.” Since then, Karan and Ankita’s Instagram feeds are all about cute pictures with their angel.

In an interview with The Times of India, Karan talked about his new-born daughter, Mehr and his experience of changing diapers. Karan shared that he knows how to wrap a baby in a swaddle and he helps his wife, Ankita whenever he can. The actor said, “I’ve learned how to swaddle her. Swaddle is when you wrap the baby in that muslin cloth. Yes, I do change the diapers also as and when possible or probable if I am around and Ankita (Bhargava) is busy with something. Other than that, it’s a heartfelt salute to mothers all over the world.”

Karan further added, “Now, that I have seen first hand, I’ve seen not efforts and pain but how much a mother is strong inside her, willing to do and go for a small child to bring her up in the first four-five months at least till the child starts crawling. Sleepless nights and there’s the tremendous physical stress on the mother. Having seen all that, I think all the fathers in the world should probably just be thankful that they have their better halves who are doing the toughest job in the world.”

Both Karan and Ankita are embracing parenthood and are really enjoying their share of time with their little Mehr.

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