Our favorite celebrities are treated no less than gods and goddesses by their fans. They are constantly supported by their fans in their good as well as bad times. But at times, these fans too cross their limits and go to unimaginable extents to show their love for them. And that’s exactly what happened with television actor Kushal Tandon in a recent incident.

Fame actor Kushal Tandon, who was last seen in the popular TV show, ‘Beyhadh’, recently slammed one of his female fans after she did a stupid thing just to grab the attention of the actor.

It so happened that a crazy female fan from Saudi Arabia went ahead to slit her wrist for Kushal and post the pictures of her bleeding hand on her social media account. When Kushal got to know about the same he got too angry and expressed his disappointment towards her act.

Narrating the entire incident to a leading web portal, Kushal Tandon said, “After my last show ended, many fans wrote to me, saying that they loved my character. Some even said that just like the show’s female lead character — an obsessive lover called Maya (played by Jennifer Winget) — they, too, can slit their wrist and write letters in blood. I ignored such comments, believing that nobody would go to that extent.”

The actor further added, “However, a week ago, this fan from Saudi Arabia slit her wrist and wrote my name on her hand in blood. She also posted the pictures on my social media accounts. I scolded her on Twitter, saying, ‘This is very uncool. If you are trying to impress me with such dangerous gestures, you are clearly not scoring any brownie points with me.’ I also told her not to repeat it in the future. How can I get impressed with such dangerous gestures?”

 In one of his latest Instagram posts, Kushal even wrote, “No one is harder on me than me. So take your judgment and shove it up your ass.”


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Well, looking at his recent statements and Instagram posts, it is quite evident that the actor is not happy with what this star-struck fan did in the name of love.

Kushal has always been an outspoken person and he pretty well proved it when he criticised Gautam Gulati for letting down the integrity and value of television.


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