Actor Ranveer Singh In His Ponytail Avtar Gets Mocked By Netizens.

Actor Ranveer Singh is famous for his unconventional fashion taste. Whatever the Look is, he carries it with great confidence. Of course, he is often trolled by this look of him. Even now, he has a similar introverted look.

The photo went viral on social media
After seeing Ranveer’s photos, users started commenting. Netzen commented, “He is not going to improve!”. There has been a lot of discussion of Ranveer’s new look again.

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is known for his acting as well as his flamboyant fashion and quirky look at the airport. Photos of him in such a weird look often go viral on social media and users on social media are commenting on it.

Even now Ranveer Singh appeared at the airport once again. At this point, his look was as intimate as ever. His photo has also gone viral on social media and users are making various comments on it. Some like Ranbir’s look while some don’t like it at all. So some will never improve … such comments have been made

Two ponytails built by Ranveer in these photos, Ranveer has tied not one but two ponytails. Surprisingly, Ranveer’s introverted look did not attract the attention of social media users.

After seeing these photos of Ranveer on social media, users have started making different kinds of comments. Some are even making funny comments. Someone has written that ‘a coconut tree’ has grown on its head.

Ranveer Singh and Ram Charan

Ranveer Singh was with Ram Charan at the #RC15 launch in Hyderabad

Meanwhile, Ranveer’s upcoming movies have many big banner projects. ’83’ is on its way to release its next movie. Deepika Padukone will also be seen with him in this movie. The couple will be working together for the first time since their marriage.

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