Actor Shruti Hassan On Taking Therapy

Still, on the road to loving herself, actress Shruti Hassan said that the treatment really helped her master and deal with reality.

Over the years, Hassan has used her social media to emphasize the necessity and importance of self-love, especially in the ongoing pandemic crisis. She admits that she is still working on it.

“For me, it’s a process that makes me feel comfortable and embrace my true self. It’s really interesting because when I think back to my childhood when everyone thinks back to their childhood, we all have ourselves Insecurities,” the 35-year-old said.

Someone may have communication problems, some may stutter, or some may fail in sports. “We all have our own little worries. But even when we were children, we knew who we were, what we liked, and what we didn’t like. I think this situation will slowly subside over time,” said Shruti Hassan.

It also downplays a bit from the opinions of others, and cannot distinguish between what we need and what we don’t need. “Many of us have experienced this. I applaud the spirit of those who are unwavering,” she said.

The actor enters confession mode and reveals, “For me, it has been a process about conversing with myself. There have been times where I have not had important conversations with myself. I had avoided things. I have gone down a road that I’ve not liked mentally. For me, the big step was taking therapy, acknowledging and working through with compassion.”

There are also many obstacles in this journey of self-discovery. “We tend to put this huge pressure on ourselves, like ‘I should be okay. I have addressed it now, and it should be fine in the next 15 seconds’. These timelines don’t work with us”.

What the heart and soul need is some care and kindness, she felt it and said: “That’s why I talk about loving yourself. It’s something that requires kindness from you. Forget other people being kind to you or understanding you. You need to ask yourself how much of that you do with Yourself? And that’s really something I am really enjoying doing with myself right now.” Actor Shruti Hassan on taking therapy.

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