Actress Avika Gor Refuses To Appear In Advertisements For Beauty Products.

Beauty creams have silently created a sense of prejudice making us believe we all need to look a certain way. All year round top search results on google show that users are still searching for beauty products to lighten their skin or smooth out their skin. The perception that only flawless fair skin is beautiful is discriminatory.

Yet, despite being awake, new millennial advertisements continue to promote flawless and poreless fair skin. Rising to challenge this is Actress Avika Gor, who is known for her role in the show Sasural Simar Ka. Avika Gor recently turned down beauty cream advertisements to bring out a bold statement for all women in the world.

Talking about her reasons, she says ” Unfortunately we have been fed the wrong notion when it comes to the idea of an ideal beauty standard. Over the years we have seen so many advertisements where being fair is considered to be beautiful and I have never been comfortable with this idea. Being fair cannot be equivalent to your overall personality. Another reason why I refused to endorse these products is that I know that this kind of unrealistic approach towards the concept of beauty can have a lasting impression on young minds”.    Avika Gor

We are wowed by her dedication to challenging these standards of beauty which are so biased to a section of women. Making her vision more clear, Celebrity Avika Gor spoke to a news daily portal adding, ” Being fair won’t make you confident and beautiful. It is the overall personality that matters the most as these will be your defining qualities.”

Many women even today struggle to opt for lighter makeup foundations. Not realizing that the idea of a perfect color or skin texture is a biased concept created by the beauty industry. Just like Celebrity Avika Gor, we hope that many more celebrities break the glass ceiling and support the concept of no standard for beauty.

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