Actress Kajol’s Shavasana Pose Inspires The Yoga In All Of Us!

When it comes to fun and batter, Actress Kajol surely wins it all. The actress is famously known for her witty and comedic yet sweet conversational side. Her wit sure does keep us all in grabs wondering where she gets the inspiration from. Most often relaxed and jovial, the actress hid her most secret rituals to happiness. On International Yoga Day, the actress reveals her secret to a healthy mind.


Taking to her Instagram the actress posted a picture of her in the Shavasana pose. One of the least talked about, it is a pose created to gain a peaceful restful mind. The Shavasana pose not only reduces stress but also lowers blood pressure. It also promotes spiritual awakening and higher consciousness. With Covid-19 making everyone stressed out, the actress sure does come to the rescue with her inspiration.

In the picture, the actress is seen closing her eyes in total bliss and glowing. More than the pose though, it was the caption that got everyone’s attention. The actress’s witty caption says, “Yoga, you had me at Shavasana.
Happy #internationaldayofYoga !

We loved how the actress lightened our mood with her humour while promoting a pose of tranquillity. Tons of fans took to her gram checking out her witty dig at yoga. I am sure all of us are inspired to take a nap… We really mean Shavasana though!

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