Actress Shruti Hassan Says, “Won’t Let Anyone Put Microchip In My Bum!”

Actress Shruti Hassan who is busy with her new film is getting quite the backlash. The actress who is working on the sets with Actor Dhanush is being blamed for being the ‘extra woman’. This all began when Actor Dhanush who is well known in the industry for the song, ‘Kolavari Di’, was speculated to be having an affair with her. The star is married to Director Aishwarya who is working in the same film.

The set of the movie is filled with assumptions that actress Shruti Hassan is having an affair with Dhanush. What’s more, Aishwarya and Shruti are apparently childhood friends. Speculations also arose, that the couple is on the rocky road in their relationship as well. Responding to these speculations, here is what Actress Shruti Hasan has to say. While speaking with the leading daily, the actress showed her anger towards the claims. She says, “I’m not going around justifying to people. I’m not going to tell people to put a microchip in my bum and follow me so that they can know the truth. He is my best friend in the business.”

Despite, the convincing comment from Shruti, the speculations continued. Not willing to take more of it, Dhanush’s wife Aishwarya commented. She claims the speculations are baseless and cleared the air. We are just glad that all is well in their marital life and can’t help by being amused by actress Shruti Hassan’s comments and analogy.

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